Is your child born in 2015?



We are now on the lookout for rising young football stars born in 2015!!!

If your child interested in getting involved within Dunbar United Colts, Then our soccer schools is the place to be!

Over the years our Soccer schools have been great fun and allows are kids to take part in fun games, activity’s and loads of football!

This becomes the start of their journey at Dunbar United Colts!

We run both Boys and Girls Soccer Schools.

Which allow them to follow the footballing pathways for both genders😊⚽️

We understand that football isn’t present due to circumstances, However it’s important we put plans in place to allow us to prepare for when we return! 😊

If this is something that you are looking to get your kid involved in.

These please contact our Development Officer At

Please share and pass on the news! ⚽️⚽️