Pitch sponsorship (Hallhill Sports Centre)

A massive thank you to the second of our pitch sponsors, the venue hosts, Hallhill Sports Centre. More incredible generosity, as Bobby Peters has sponsored 3 of our pitches on behalf of Hallhill Sports Centre.

We are incredibly lucky to have access to the facilities we do. We have approaching (if not already), 400 children at our community club.
The facility provides a superb platform for us to deliver football for our kids.

From Bobby who has worked tirelessly over the years, Yvonne in the kitchen feeding hungry parents (and coaches!), Darren maintaining the pitches, to all the guys and girls who work behind the bar and at the centre. Thank you again.

We cannot wait to welcome 7-aside teams to all three pitches at ‘Hallhill Sports Centre Stadium’, on Saturday the 18th of June. Pitches will sit perfectly in front of the centre on the rugby pitch, in view of the superb new extension.

Interested in sponsoring a pitch for £50? Send us an email to the account below: